About US

Our Mission

At the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP), our mission is to empower and inspire students interested in the dynamic field of technology. Through engaging events, insightful speakers, and collaborative initiatives, we provide a platform for students to explore diverse aspects of technology, including computer science, data science, and management information systems. We strive to cultivate a vibrant community where members can develop their skills, expand their networks, and thrive as future leaders in the ever-evolving world of technology.



Meet the board

Get to know the diverse talents and backgrounds of our board members, shaping the direction of AITP SDSU chapter in the field of information technology.

Headshot of Mateo Melgoza, President at AITP SDSU
Mateo Melgoza


Hi everyone! My name is Mateo Melgoza and I am a Senior at
SDSU majoring in Data Science. I decided to join AITP to learn more about the tech field. Since joining, I’ve been able to make so many great connections through our meetings. Not to mention, l’ve met some of my best friends through AITP. Outside of AITP, I like playing basketball, working out, watching movies, skating, and cooking. I can’t wait to get to know all of you this year,

Rabaanie Jon

Vice President

Hey everyone! My name is Rabaanie Jon and I am majoring in Management Information Systems at SDSU. I joined AITP because I wanted to find a community of students who are on the same MIS path as me and build both long lasting personal and professional connections. AITP also helped me explore the opportunities that are offered in this industry! Apart from AITP, I like to bake and try out different coffee shops in the city. I am super excited to connect with you all this year and looking forward to seeing you at all our events!

Headshot of Matt Attardo, VP of Membership at AITP SDSU
Matt Attardo

VP of Membership

Hey! I’m Matt Attardo, and I’m the VP of Recruitment for AITP. My role entails the recruiting of new members into the organization through speaking at different classrooms and lecture halls. By explaining the value and opportunities provided by the organization, I have helped bring in a multitude of new members focused on educating and immersing themselves in the realm of IT. I joined AITP my sophomore year, and have since expanded my network tremendously by meeting like minded students and building relations with IT professionals who frequent our meetings. In my free time, I love going to the beach, staying active, and going to concerts.

Headshot of Tyler Umali, VP of Finance at AITP SDSU
Tyler Umali

VP of Finance

Hi everyone! I’m Tyler Umali, a senior at San Diego State majoring in MIS and minoring in Finance. I decided to join AITP because of the numerous opportunities it offers for both personal and professional development. Through this organization, I have been able to connect with other MIS students, participate in hands-on workshops, and network with industry professionals. Outside of AITP, I enjoy long-distance running, sports betting, and playing poker. 

Headshot of Diana Brodisky, VP of Communications at AITP SDSU
Diana Brodskiy

VP of Communications

Hi! My name is Diana Brodskiy and I am a sophomore at SDSU studying Business. I joined AITP because l’m looking to expand my connections and learn more about the technology field. AITP truly offers amazing professional opportunities. I can’t wait to get to know all the members and listen to the informative speakers. Other than AITP, I enjoy going to the gym, discovering new coffee shops, going on hikes, and watching sunsets on the beach. I’m very excited to be your VP Of Communication!

Juan Fernando Del Pozo

VP of Communications Assistant

I am Juan Del Pozo and I am thrilled to undertake the upcoming role of Vice President of Communications at AITP where I wish to expand my professional network and learn through industry insights and mentors. My academic foundation is in Management Information Systems, enhanced by a minor in Finance, reflecting a deep-seated enthusiasm for FinTech innovation and the financial services industry. Currently, my professional pursuits are centered on Data Science and Data Analytics, disciplines I am keen to apply within the context of some of my hobbies such as music analytics and financial markets trading.

Headshot of Lily Hodies, VP of Marketing at AITP SDSU
Lily Hodies

VP of Marketing

Hey everyone, I’m Lily Hodies, originally from Folsom up in NorCal and now I’m a current junior studying MIS at state! I am super interested in the technology world and always looking to learn more about any topics. I have worked a little in the IT field and now switching more to FinTech. In the future, I plan to work on the business side of tech as I love public speaking and meeting new people. Outside of school and work, I love listening to music, roller skating, film photography, reading, playing spikeball, hanging out with friends often, and caring for my plants!

Headshot of LakotaCamp, Webmaster at AITP SDSU
Lakota Camp


Hey there! I’m Lakota, a junior majoring in MIS at SDSU. I joined AITP driven by my love for tech and the opportunity to connect, learn, and stay ahead in this ever-evolving industry. As the webmaster, I’m responsible for developing, maintaining, and updating our website (yes, the one you’re on!), ensuring that AITP is accessible to everyone. Beyond tech, I have a passion for music, where I DJ all around San Diego. I also enjoy hiking, hitting the gym, and exploring new spots. AITP has played a crucial role in my growth, both professionally and personally. If you’re curious about the dynamic world of tech, I highly recommend getting involved!