Fall 2017 Officers

Fall 2017

President – Aashi Jain

Bio: I am a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Management Information Systems. My hobbies include cooking, reading and exploring. I have been a part of AITP for the past year and loved all the connections I have made and the events I have attended. With a great team by my side, I look forward to bringing about a change for all IS majors.


Executive Vice President – Lauren Tagalog

BioI am currently a student attending San Diego State University pursuing a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Management Information Systems. I have experience from different areas within the technology industry, including telecommunications, data networking, and thanks to AITP, consulting! Joining AITP has been a crucial step in paving the path to my post-grad career because of the networking opportunities it provided. With the success that this organization has helped me achieve, I am very excited to pass it along and help other driven individuals open new doors and reach their full potential.


Vice President of Finance – David McLean-Perkins

Bio: I am senior majoring in Management Information Systems and it is my hope specialize in network security or database administration. AITP has allowed me to network with other MIS students and IT professionals from local corporations. Joining AITP on campus has allowed me to get more involved outside the classroom and has given me the opportunity to make new friends. There is so much more to student life than just attending classes and I encourage everyone to make the most of their time at SDSU.


Vice President of Professional Development – Jibreel Keddo

Bio: I am majoring in Management Information Systems, w/ minor in Computer Science. I have been engaged with AITP since my freshman year at SDSU. Management Information Systems has allowed me to turn my love for both people and technology into a career. As a member of the class of 2018, I hope to spend my last year in SDSU helping younger students use AITP to jumpstart their careers, the same way I did.


Vice President of Membership – Kevin Cleavinger

Bio: I am a senior undergraduate student majoring in Business Administration: Information Systems here at San Diego State University. I also work at the computing hub help desk located in the love library on campus. I have been an active member of AITP since fall of 2016. After graduation I hope to have a career as a project manager or get into computer networking as a network administrator or network engineer. As Vice President of Membership, I plan on ensuring all members are current and up to date with AITP as well as connected with each other to network throughout the semester. I plan to have a great academic year with AITP and hope each member is able to take advantage of everything we have to offer!


Vice President of Communications – Sanjna Patil

Bio: I am a fourth-year Management Information Systems major and have been in AITP since last year. I currently have experience in networking from working on campus as a network technician and with the HCM system Workday, which I was able to get from contacts through AITP. Joining this org has helped me connect with other MIS majors and learn about many job opportunities which I hope I can pass on to every other MIS student!


Vice President of Alumni Relations and Events – Georgy Zhebroilov

Bio: I am senior majoring in Management Information Systems,  I have a wide range of interest but as of now I'm focused on network analysis and cyber security. Joining AITP on campus has allowed me to get more involved outside of classroom and most importantly It allowed me to meet like minded students who are motivated and self-driven. As my last year of undergrad I want to help expose people to potential opportunities that IT field has to offer.


Vice President of Marketing – Patricia Santiago

Bio: I am pursuing my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration - Management Information Systems. I am a self-motivated and bilingual individual with strong interpersonal skills. My motivation comes from a lifelong personal desire to grow, succeed, and motivate others to do the same. With over 10 years experience in customer service and sales and 3 years management experience, I look forward to using my talents to promote AITP and all it has to offer to students so that they have the tools to reach their true potential.


Webmaster – Naveed Moein

Bio: I am a senior majoring in Management Information Systems. I have high interest of the fast paced technology industry. I value the efficiency that information systems offer and the possible abstract approaches towards creating a system that improves processes or solves a problem. Being a part of AITP since 2016 has helped me meet great friends and peers within the same industry. It has opened me even more to network and learn more about the world of Information Technology. I am very excited to be the Webmaster Officer of AITP and I can't wait to contribute to AITP in any way that I can, showing other students the benefits of joining such an incredible club.


Janeen Bralla

AITP Liason – Janeen Bralla


Contact: jgbralla@gmail.com


Advisor – Dr. Bongsik Shin