The Association of Information Technology Professionals at San Diego State University (AITP @ SDSU) exists to assist students majoring in Information Systems, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering at SDSU. AITP is dedicated to helping students open doors to their future careers.

Information: AITP is a vehicle for its members to further their knowledge of the IT field. Going to class is not enough in our line of work, you have to combine what you learn in school with practical information.

Involvement: With the current job market so competitive, companies want to see applicants who do more than just attend class. They want to see people who get involved in their fields.

Networking: AITP provides a way to network with other IT students, professionals in the field, and an often overlooked resource, SDSU faculty. The network of people you build will help you throughout your entire career. Getting your foot in the door is much easier if someone is holding it open for you.

Fun: All this and fun too? Of course! At San Diego State University we work hard but we also know how to have fun. From LAN parties to BBQ’s, AITP helps its members relax and have a good time.