About Us

AITP @ SDSU is an organization based around a shared learning experience.

By joining AITP @ SDSU you gain access to:

  • General meetings and events featuring speakers and personal development workshops
  • Networking with fellow Information Systems majors in a fun and friendly environment
  • Opportunity to join the executive board and assist in running general meetings and setting up events

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The first meeting of the semester will be at the Conrad Prebys Student Union Starbucks, 1p.m., on August 30th.

We will be joined by Dr. Sharon Floyd, the student liaison for our parent chapter. We will go over AITP's plans for this semester and how they will help you accomplish your goals.

Meetings will be every Sunday at 1 p.m. Locations will vary, depending on the activity.

Meeting time: Every Sunday at 1 p.m.